Ease away stress and tension with this healing massage that helps bring the whole body, mind and spirit back into balance by using custom blended essential oils and flower essences
(60 min) $75.00

An intense treatment that manipulates the deeper layers of muscle tissue by using various stretching, kneading and massage techniques infused with the healing properties of arnica to help reduce inflammation and alleviate chronic pain
(60 min) $80.00 / (90 min) $120.00

A eucalyptus-infused deep tissue massage that focuses specifically on the back, neck and shoulders to help relieve chronic pain, tension and stress
(60 min) $80.00

This Ayurvedic inspired massage will transport you to a state of bliss and deep relaxation with a healing combination of  hot stones, heated herbal oils and aromatherapy
(90 min) $120.00

This healing Ayurvedic head treatment uses custom-blended herbal oils, aromatherapy, energy work and marma-point massage over the head, neck, shoulders and upper back
(50 min) $60.00

This restorative massage incorporates light to medium pressure with smooth, flowing techniques that promote deep relaxation
(60 min) $70.00 / (90 min) $110.00

This powerful treatment combines reflexology with specific gemstones and crystals (based on individual needs) to help facilitate deep healing on a physical, mental and emotional level
(60 min) $70.00