Our holistic approach to skin care infuses the ancient healing art of Ayurveda with organic, plant-based ingredients that harness the potent powers of nature. Each facial includes: facial analysis, herbal steam, deep pore cleansing, layered treatment serums and creams, exfoliation, face massage and customized mask with hand-selected ingredients from our onsite herbal apothecary. (Each treatment  is customized and personalized based on individual needs and condition of skin)
(60 min) $85.00 /  (90 min) $120.00

An organic facial designed specifically for men that helps protect skin against the harsh effects of shaving, environmental damage and aging. The face is deeply cleansed, hydrated and polished to bring radiance and vitality back to the skin
(60 min) $85.00

Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, herbal steam, aromatherapy infused oils, customized mask, moisturizer and back massage. It is exactly what the forgotten and hard to reach area is craving
(70 min) $85.00