Deep tissue massage, crystals, aromatherapy, reflexology, flower essences and reiki are used to bring the chakras (energy centers) of the body back into balance, while encouraging a state of deep relaxation and inner peace.
(90 min) $120.00

In the East, it is believed the soles of your feet represent a microcosm of your bein, with different quadrants relating to various body parts. This treatment includes floral foot bath, exfoliation, reflexology, deep tissue foot massage, aromatherapy and herbal tea
(90 min) $100.00

A full body, multi-sensory spa treatment that helps clear energy blocks, relieve chronic pain and enhance self-awareness by combining the healing benefits of aromatherapy massage, ho'oponopono and energy work, using sacred anointing oil, crystals and hot stones
(120 min) $160.00

Opens / balances the heart chakra and helps rejuvenate the body, mind and  spirit with the healing energy of rose quartz crystals. Includes full body rose quartz massage, organic facial and herbal tea
(120 min) $160.00

Wild harvested seaweed, Dead Sea clay, herbs and  essential oils are blended and applied to the entire body after dry brushing, manual exfoliation and light massage. This treatment helps break up cellulite, eliminate excess water, replenish nutrients and minerals, tighten skin and effectively remove accumulated toxins
(120 min) $140.00

A luxurious, 3-hour organic spa treatment that includes: full body exfoliation, 90 minute Thai-inspired herbal compress massage, holistic facial, floral foot bath and choice of herbal tea
(180 min) $240.00