I think it is extremely important to be aware of and connected to the moon's phases. There are many elements within modern day living that can take us out of sync and disrupt our natural rhythms. By having awareness of the moon's phases, we can intuitively tap into the power and wisdom of nature to create a balanced, harmonious life that is in alignment with our true essence. 

Creating a ritual is a beautiful way to connect with self and the natural ebb + flow of life. The energy of a new moon cycle represents new beginnings and a fresh start so it's the perfect time to plant seeds of what we want to grow in our life.

The new moon in Libra invites us to look at what we truly value and the experiences that make our life more beautiful. Balance is the key to navigating Libra's energy. It is a perfect time to set intentions and get clear about what we want to create + manifest. 

Reflect on relationships (with self + others), career, health, etc. and, ask yourself what needs to be transformed or brought into balance?

On the day of the new moon I like to clean + beautify my home. Fresh flowers or making a new essential oil blend are always at the top of my list. Before I begin my ritual, I always burn some white sage or palo santo to help cleanse the energy and create a sacred space. 

I have an altar to display my crystals, candles, plants, tarot decks, and other ritual tools; however, if you don't have an altar you can just use a small table, rug or a wooden crate. The idea is to create a designated space for you to perform your ritual.

I like to set my intentions by making a list of the things I want to create in my life. Then I take a few minutes to focus on my breath and visualize/imagine what that looks like. For example, if I want to improve my health or lose weight, I will visualize what that would feel and look like.  

I usually list no more than 3 things so it doesnt become a chore (this is supposed to bring joy + clarity not overwhelm) or take too long.

If intention setting isnt your thing, there are tons of other things you can do to celebrate the new moon/cycle. You could keep it super simple and light a candle, make a wish + blow out the flame; make yourself a cup of root chakra tea or take a bath with flowers, crystals + essential oils.

How do you celebrate the new moon? Do you have a favorite ritual? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Happy New Moon!