Ebb and Flow


This month marks the 3rd year since opening our Main Street brick and mortar shop and, almost 8 years of business in total, as our studio (upstairs from the shop) is where it all started. Time flies. I honestly can't believe I am going on 8 years in business. It is an incredible feeling and, I owe it all to my customers (more like extended family) for choosing to do business with me. I am eternally grateful for the continued support and, there isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful for all of it.

I have endured many ups and downs along the way, which has taught me some valuable lessons. One thing I've learned in particular about owning a small business is this:

'The only constant thing in life is change.'

Change is something that will happen no matter how hard we try to stop it. It is insistent in our experience; change in our relationships, change in business; change in ourselves, unrelenting continuous change. This was a very disconcerting revelation for me. When I first started my business, my life was guided by a series of short-term plans, goals and expectations. However, after almost 8 years of running a small business, I have learned that changes (even anticipated ones) don
t always produce an outcome that is wanted. Just when you think you have it all figured out and that your life is under control, it changes. Which can totally shake you to your core. Change brings uncertainty, and this can bring on anxiety and fear. I soon realized the more I resisted change, the more it would persist. As hard as it was, I knew if I wanted to grow as a person and business I needed to face my fears and, accept that there will always be changes in life. By accepting that change was inevitable, I was able to embrace it, move forward and easily adapt to/with the ebb and flow of life. I've learned that change is growth. And growth, majority of the time is uncomfortable. If things arent working out my way, it is usually because I am being resistant to change. So when that happens, I always ask myself, what can I do to change?

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me, I love each and every one of you.


Change is in all things sweet.




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Autumn Skin Care

Despite my many attempts to stay in summer mode, autumn weather has finally arrived, bringing with it a wave of clients asking questions about their skin and the best way to care for it this time of year.


Summer skin care is all about sun protection and keeping things light + easy. Autumn is about repairing the damage you did during summer and keeping your skin protected from the drier, cooler air.


My suggestion for a daily routine this time of year typically goes something like this: wash face with a gentle cleanser, use toner or spritz skin with rose water, apply argan oil or serum (dime size amount), and then face cream on top. For extended rituals, I recommend weekly exfoliation and mask treatments. 


I am now available every Monday from 12-4PM at the shop to discuss all things health and beauty. Please stop in if you have any questions or would like to sample the products in person.



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Big Mood Mucuna Milk

Big Mood Mucuna Milk
I make this recipe for my daughter every morning; I like to think of it as plant-based high school fuel, she likes to think of it as 'Big Mood' mucuna milk, haha.

24 oz almond milk
1/2 teaspoon mucuna
1 teaspoon ashwagandha
1 teaspoon matcha
1 tablespoon of tocos
1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean (optional)

Blend ingredients together on high speed for 1 minute and enjoy the frothy goodness

Makes 2-3 servings

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Balancing the Chakras with Herbs

There are 7 major chakras (energy centers) that help keep our body, mind and spirit balanced. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel". The Chakras are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy. Each chakra has its own color, characteristics and vibrational frequency that corresponds to specific aspects of our consciousness and human function. 


When our chakras are out of balance we can become unbalanced physically, mentally and spiritually. I have found in my practice that medicinal herbs can have a particularly powerful effect on the chakras and help bring the whole body, mind and spirit back into alignment.


Herbs have been used for healing since the beginning of time as each herb carries a powerful vibration that connects us back to the earth and our true self. Using herbs to balance your charkas can be extremely beneficial, as herbs have the ability to heal us on both an energetic and physical level.


Here is a helpful guide on the individual chakras including the herbs/tea blends I use in my practice:


Root Chakra: This chakra is responsible for making us feel grounded, safe, centered and deeply rooted in our body and physical environment

 Herbs/tea: Dandelion root, ashwagandha, elderberry, rosehip, red rooibos, red clover blossoms

Sanskrit: Muladhara

Color: Red

Crystals: Garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline

Location: Base of spine

Mantra: I am

Affirmation: I am deeply rooted and connected to my body

Sacral Chakra: This chakra is responsible for our personal power, creativity and sexual energy. Its the center of our feelings and sensations. Motivated by pleasure, its the driving force for the enjoyment of life through the senses and emotions 

Herbs/tea blend: Calendula flowers, schisandra berry, orange peel, ginger root, chamomile flowers

Sanskrit: Svadhishthana

Color: Orange

Crystals: Carnelian, orange calcite, sunstone 

Location: Lower abdomen, below the naval 

Mantra: I feel

Affirmation: I am creative, passionate and abundant in all areas of my life

Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra is responsible for our emotions, self-esteem, vitality, bravery, and self control. It feeds ones direction in life and the actions taken in order to reach your goals

Herbs/tea blend: Lemon peel, lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel, chamomile

Sanskrit: Manipura

Color:  Yellow

Crystals: Citrine, tigers eye, honey calcite

Location: Abdomen, above the naval

Mantra: I do

Affirmation: I am healthy, strong and confident

Heart Chakra: The Heart chakra is all about connecting and relating, with an emphasis on love (both giving and receiving). This chakra is also responsible for expressing forgiveness, compassion, understanding and self love/unconditional love. The heart chakra connects the lower and higher chakras and, acts as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual

Herbs/tea blend: Hibiscus, hawthorn berry, rose petals, motherwort, goji berry, sencha green tea

Sanskrit: Anahata

Color: Green (as well as pink)

Crystals: Jade, malachite, green calcite, rose quartz

Location: Center of chest

Mantra: I love

Affirmation: I love and accept myself as I am

Throat Chakra: This chakra is responsible for speaking our truth, self-expression and clear communication (both verbal and non-verbal). The throat chakras emphasis is on expressing our authentic self and projecting our creativity out into the world

Herbs/tea blend: Red clover blossoms, licorice root, echinacea, orange peel, ginger root, clove

Sanskrit: Vishuddha

Color: Blue

Crystals: Lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite 

Location: Neck/throat

Mantra: I speak

Affirmation: I express myself in a clear, authentic and loving way 

Third Eye Chakra: Also referred to as the mind's eye, this chakra is responsible for our intuition, sixth sense, imagination, inner vision, truth and wisdom. The Third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland which is in charge of our biorhythms, perception and altered states of consciousness. The third eye chakra can be used as an instrument to perceive reality as it truly is and take us beyond the physical senses into the realm of subtle energies

Herbs/tea blend: Eyebright, gotu kola, red clover blossoms, passionflower, lavender, nettle leaf, mucuna pruriens (dopamine bean), raw cacao, chaga mushroom

Sanskrit: Ajna

Color: Indigo

Crystals: Amethyst, labradorite, fluorite, sugilite, azurite

Location: Forehead, between and slightly above the eyebrows

Mantra: I see

Affirmation: I trust my intuition, inner truth and connection to all that is

Crown Chakra: This chakra is responsible for connecting us to higher awareness, oneness, spirituality, mastery, wisdom and enlightenment. The crown gives us access to higher states of consciousness; it represents energy of transformation on all levels, from the physical to the spiritual and, helps us to be aware of all possibilities in each moment

Herbs/tea blend: Lavender, skullcap, gotu kola, raspberry leaf, chamomile, jasmine flowers

Sanskrit: Sahasrara

Color: Violet

Crystals: Quartz, amethyst, selenite

Location: Top of head

Mantra: I understand

Affirmation: I feel deeply connected to the source of and all of life in the present moment


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A Simple Gesture



Spiritual masters in Tibet used to set their teacups upside down before they went to bed each night as a reminder that all life is impermanent. And then, when they awoke each morning, they turned their teacups right side up again with the happy thought, 'I'm still here!' This simple gesture is a wonderful reminder to celebrate every moment of every day.



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